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The company PARMEL, founded in 1993, has established itself well on the international market as a software and system house for CAD/CAM special applications, including those for automatic leather cutting. With highly qualified employees and global sales partners, they sell, install and service the specialised applications. It boasts several notable international, large international companies as part of its customer base.

“System house with almost 30 years of CAD/CAM know-how for the textile and leather cutting industry.”
“Our automated solutions will upgrade your production to industry4.0.”

The team has almost 30 years of experience in the scope of automatic surface optimisation and cutting of leather hides and flat textile materials. Experts in previously manual processes have not only maintained the know-how and implemented them into modern solutions with the support of scientific studies but have to the present day, pushed the level of quality-assured automation in many applications to the 99% mark.


Today PARMEL provides overall solutions for the automotive, upholstered furniture and clothing industries and integrates premium cutters of the latest cutting technology. They count on modern, fully automated trough roller technology for an endless, automatic material feed.


Our mission is to provide our clients with sophisticated automated solutions for textile cutting and leather cutting and thus increase their production to industry4.0. All with the highest degree of flexibility, compatibility and complexity.