Cutting Via Camera

CamCut is the ideal solution for easy cutting of a wide range of materials with camera support.

The systems works on the principle “what you see is what you get “, which means that the entire process of placing the templates on the material (moving, rotating and mirroring the templates) is performed by the operator directly on the computer screen, and can thus find the optimal arrangement of the templates on the materials. In addition to the CamCut system, it is also possible to upgrade it with an additional automatic nesting function, which enables the transfer of multiple markers for even higher material savings and waste minimization.

The solution is suitable for plants that work with a variety of materials and need to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements. The advantage of the system is affordability and saving time and material, as it allows full use of even the most minor material rests.

Efficiency – More automation, less manual labour Accuracy – Precise cutting of layout plan Single-operator workflow Flexibility – Various materials in one cutting window Maximum throughput – More pieces cut in less time Minimal material waste – Reduced scrap Reduced operator skill level
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