Leather Cutting4.0

RHINO is an intelligent software solution for automated leather cutting for the fashion, furniture and transportation industry.

Rhino leather-cutting solution maximises hide yield and throughput thanks to the most advanced vision, nesting and cutting technology. Powerful HideNesting software improves yield and nests pieces according to qualitative zones recognised by HideRecognition software technology that captures hide shape and up to four grade flaws; Rhino makes it easy to produce high-quality cut leather pieces.

Automatic nesting: maximises yield while minimising cutting time Production data management Seamless connection and integration with several ERP, MES, CAD and other systems through standards protocols (RestAPI, XML files exchanges) Continuous production Production data analytics Intuitive design and minimal operator training Single-operator workflow Reduced operator skill level Flexibility – System scalability
Upgrade your production to industry4.0
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