Cutting of Patterned Materials4.0

ZEBRA is an intelligent Automatching solution for patterned materials for fashion, furniture, and transportation.

ZEBRA Automatching solution provides manufacturers with an automated stripe and plaid matching solution that aligns patterns across cut parts with unsurpassed accuracy. Unlike other solutions that rely on the operator to manually make these adjustments, our AutoMatching system uses vision technology to automatically adjust bows, skews, and repeat variations, improving throughput up to 75%.

Various pattern types - Dots, squares, stripes, digital prints Automatic correction of pattern repeat variations, bows and skews Accuracy – Precise cutting of layout plan Minimal material waste – Reduced scrap and fewer re-cuts Efficiency – More automation, less manual labour Flexibility – System scalability Maximum throughput – More pieces cut in less time Compatibility with different CAD systems and ERP systems Intuitive design and minimal operator training Single-operator workflow Reduced operator skill level Reliable equipment – Experienced, accountable vendor
Upgrade your production to industry4.0
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